Tree services

Our arborists are fully trained & certified, and are dedicated to pleasing our customers and achieving the best results when it comes to tree maintenance and removals.


Specimen tree planting and planting of native revegetation including riparian wetlands and hillsides.

Reductions / Pruning

To reduce a tree is to reduce the size of the tree without altering it’s natural shape. This is done when a tree gets too large for its location, or to alleviate some weight from the branches to avoid limbs snapping out. Reducing is an art which we take pride in achieving well.

Crown thinning / cleaning

Crown thinning involves removing some of the inner foliage within a canopy, in order to allow more light/airflow through the tree, without changing the original shape or size of the tree.

Crown cleaning is when all dead, dying or diseased branches are removed; as well as crossing branches and branches with poor structure. Simply, removing problematic branches.

Tree removals

Many trees in residential areas outgrow their locations. We have the adequate machinery and skills to remove trees safely from your property. We specialise in being able to access the less accessible areas, using our narrow tracked chipper to get to those awkward locations.

Stump grinding

You may want your tree stump ground out if you wish to replant or re-landscape. In addition to removing your trees, we also offer this service.


Mulching involves turning the tree branches and logs into wood chip, which can be used to suppress weeds in gardens, or under trees.

If you are in need of any mulch, don’t hesitate to contact our tree team.


Every tree’s maintenance is unique, as factors such as species, soil, location and disease all play a part in shaping a tree. If you are concerned about the health of a tree and would like expert advice, we would be happy to help. Our tree team are fully certified in Arboriculture and can tell you what is the best maintenance for specific trees.

We know what we’re doing.

We have all seen some shocking tree work out there which is why we ensure that the work we carry out on our trees will encourage both good health and appearance.

We do what is right for the tree.